Mobility Essentials

Mobility is classified as the accessibility and limit of joint movement through range of motion (ROM) within a given physical routine.

Why is Mobility Important?

It’s simple; no mobility equals poor technique. Mobility provides athletes with improved posture and a potentially vast ROM span as well as decreased risk of injury.

At Canada Chiropractic, a common injury we treat is shoulder impingement which occurs when tightness as a result of workouts shortens surrounding shoulder muscles, thus preventing the “ball” from being centered in the socket. Tendons and ligaments in the shoulder region become inflamed, which causes pain and increases the risk of injury. Poor posture is a major factor in such lesions and is, fortunately, an issue area we can refine.

Tips to Improve Mobility

At Canada Chiropractic, we address such impediments through targeted “prehab” exercises to ensure the precise problem area is progressing forward.

Some tips we encourage active individuals to partake in to enhance shoulder mobility and avoid stress on tender areas include:

  • Avoid pushing through discomfort- Digging deeper and pushing through are ideal mentalities for athletes however, listening to your body should continue to flow through the minds of lifters. If you feel a bit of tightness, hold it for a few seconds or breaths, then release. It’s not worth throwing progress away for an injury.
  • Open up shoulder joints- For a good lat muscle stretch, try putting your hand in a stretching band and rotate the palm upwards. Grasp the band and lean back, this will allow you to stretch your arm above your head.

FMS Testing
The Functional Movement Screen is an assessment that determines tightness and weaknesses in the body through particular movement patterns. In need of an FMS test? Call Canada Chiropractic at (832) 409-9940 or click here to schedule an appointment today!