Houston Pain Management

Pain Management at Canada Chiropractic

Before any chiropractor can properly rehabilitate an injury, there must come a period of pain management. When you come into Canada Chiropractic’s Houston, TX office with an injury requiring rehab, we want to first focus completely on the pain and what caused it in order to make the rehabilitation process successful in treating your injury.

man with lower back pain

Dr. Canada provides basic pain relief as a precursor to rehab to ensure that your minor pains don’t become a larger issue, and so you never run into the same problem again. He uses techniques such as spinal decompression, Kinesio taping, electrical stimulation and deep tissue mobilization to relieve acute or chronic pain that could possibly have risen from arthritis, sport injuries, or neck and back complications.

We want you to make sure you’re out of pain and onto recovering fully from your injury. Rehab should only come after you’re relieved of musculoskeletal pain, and ready to strengthen your body again. And because we’ve helped so many patients locate issues, relieve the pain, and move on, you can be sure that Canada Chiropractic can assess your issue efficiently.

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